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Welcome to our 7 Days To Die PvP server, where you can enjoy the thrill of PvP without the burden of being online 24/7 defending your base. We understand that your time is valuable, so we've come up with specific rules to ensure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience. Please take a moment to read and understand these rules, as ignorance of them will not be an excuse. At GameNation Network, we believe in creating a fair and safe environment for all our players, and we are confident that you will find our server to be an exciting and engaging place to play.

7 Days to die Undead Legacy Server - Big Community Games

General Server Rules:

  1.  Do not cheat by duplicating items, using X-rays, or exploiting glitches.
  2. Do not use any third-party tools or hacks.
  3.  Do not pretend to be a member of staff.
  4.  Do not build in Points of Interest (POIs)
  5. POIs cannot be claimed by any players.
  6. Try not to obstruct any roadways with your structures.
  7. The maximum number of trees to be planted per base is 5.
  8. Building in water is not allowed. Do not build floating bases of any kind.
  9. The maximum size for Drop Mining is 5x5x5 (125 blocks).
  10. Farm plots are not allowed to exceed 5x5 in size.




  • Welcome to our GameNation Network where we value fair play and safety for all our players. To ensure that everyone has a positive gaming experience, we have a few guidelines that we expect all our players to follow:
  • 1. After combat, it is permitted to despawn a player's bag, regardless of the location. We understand that this may seem harsh, but it ensures that players are not at a disadvantage due to the presence of another player's bag.
  • 2. We take cheating and hacking very seriously and do not tolerate it in any form. If you suspect that a player is cheating, please do not call them out in public chat excessively. Instead, contact our staff directly, and we will investigate the matter thoroughly.
  • 3. We do not allow raiding, damaging, or stealing from other players' bases. This rule is in place to ensure that players feel safe and secure while playing our game.
  • 4. We also do not allow base camping. A player's base is defined by their LCB (land claim box) area, and excessively killing someone at their base and taking their bag is considered griefing/
  • (BE WARNED Staff will not be not showing any tolerance if there is any breaches in Rules of Engagement Every single player has to know all  Rules of Engagement There will be severe punishments in the violation of these rules)




Please take note of the following guidelines: 

- Regular Traders are not safe zones. 

- Avoid adding people you don't know to your friends list or party. Trust nobody. Or if you trust trust your gut.

- In case someone kills you on sight, try to retaliate instead of getting upset. 

- If someone kills you and prevents you from retrieving your bag, accept that they have the right to do so.

- You have a giant Land Claim Block which protects your base from players' attacks. Make sure to use it! If someone raids your base because you didn't use LCB, it's your responsibility. 

- Anything outside your LCB is susceptible to damage or theft. 

- Always lock your doors and boxes. Just because something is against the rules doesn't mean that someone won't try it.

We will ban players who are caught stealing, but we won't replace the items taken if your base and boxes are open and unlocked.



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