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Tutorial for those who have only 8GB ram (Performance improvement)


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If you are interested in playing Undead Legacy mod but your PC doesn't meet the game's requirements (Undead legacy requires 16gb as a minimum) we have several tips which will help you boost the performance of your PC so the server wouldn't be kicking you out , Our testers have tested these tips and they do not harm your hardware or your game.


  • Firstly, try testing the game on its lowest settings to see how smoothly it runs. If it runs okay, then you can start playing the game. This is the basic thing you can do.

However, if the game still doesn't perform well, then you can  try to increase the virtual memory by following the instructions provided in the link below. This might help to improve the game's performance.


This guide helps you to increase "Page File size" which means it will take some of your space from hard drive to help store various game data so RAM wouldn't be used as much

However this tutorial will help you to increase it only to 16gb , Try to increase page file to 24 GB as minimum.


That's all we got for you now if you have any questions you can always make a support ticket in our forum.


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